Sugar, roses and diagnoses


Meet Sugar Jangle.

Reproduced with permission from Paul Barden.

Reproduced with permission from Paul Barden.

This curiously named rose grabbed my attention while researching roses with the words ‘sugar’, ‘sweet’, ‘candy’ or ‘honey’ in the title. This was one of my attempts this week to deny the reality of my blood test results…

I discovered at least two hundred sweet named roses, but only one Sugar Jangle. It describes exactly how I feel.  It was bred by Paul Barden and has not been released commercially. When I wrote to Mr Barden to seek permission to use his photo, I took the opportunity to ask him for the rationale for the name. It was the last response I expected. Sugar Jangle is named for a nuclear test explosion.

This puts Mr Barden, in my view, into a very special category. It takes a long time to come up with a list of roses named for the dark, the unlovely, and the scary. And the list remains short, especially when compared to the two hundred plus just on a sweet theme. My list includes The Dark Lady, Wildfire, and Typhoon. I grew the first one on my last garden but can’t fit her in here at the Halfway House. If you consider characters who had a crap time, then we can include Sweet Juliet and Ophelia, both suicidal teenagers. Perhaps if I extend this to include the so called charity roses, such as Best Friend in honour of abused, abandoned and neglected animals, or Beyond Blue for anyone whose mental health is troubled, then there is a short list of roses which recognise that life is frequently not how we would wish it.

Thanks to Mr Barden for the use of the photograph. His website is a wonderful treat for rosé lovers. Make sure you check it out.

Love, the sugar jangled Kylie

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