The Winston Churchill spread


Winston Churchill famously said that if you are going through hell, you should keep going. I took his advice to my deepest heart when I was going through my season of bereavements (eight deaths in six years). This is how the Winston Churchill spread came into being. I developed it because I needed it. As Winston had an intuitive side himself, I don’t feel he would mind too much.

This morning when I woke up it popped into my mind, so out came my faithful deck of tarot cards. I use the Druidcraft deck most regularly. It’s designed to be a little like the anti nuclear symbol although the outer cards don’t make up a circle.
The inner cards represent your aspects of hell, the things you are finding the hardest to cope with. The outer cards represent suggestions or new approaches to handling them. Here’s what mine looked like this morning.

(Source:the author)

(Source:the author)

The Lord: usually means structure, order and authority.
Justice: decision making, justice, discernment about action
Queen of Swords: someone in my past

Eight cups: going deeper
Princess of pentacles: study and nature
Two wands: doorways and creativity

So, I feel that my life has been taken over by this illness. Testing at certain times, rules about what to eat and what not to eat, having to work extra time to make up for all the lost time from medical appointments and so on. I hate this with a passion. Secondly I don’t necessarily trust what any of the so called experts are telling me about what to eat. I’ve always been a good eater. Not the kind to be found at McDonalds or the chip shop. So I feel this is an injustice. And the less said about the Queen of Wands the better.

The response cards validate what I have been thinking and feeling. The Eight of Cups to me suggests the need for what I wrote about in my post about the Golden Vision rose. The Princess suggests that both time spent in the appreciAtion of nature will be calming, so more time in the rosé garden for me. Yay! But I also feel its reinforcement of my desires for better answers about this condition especially on complementary treatment. And finally, the two. Be more creative, not less. Process that way rather than be intellectual and rational about it.

On an unrelated note, I am thrilled to say that Peace 1902 finally decided that it wanted to live. I planted it in July and had been waiting and waiting for it to put on some growth. After our recent bout of thirty seven plus I was convinced that there was not hope for it. But lo and behold, this morning I noticed a new shoot. It’s a good sign.

Love, Kylie

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