Queen of Hearts


It’s been a too long silence.  Extreme busyness will do that.  It takes you away from what sustains and nourishes. I’ve been working in two jobs.  Three, if you counting acting for my boss but not being paid for it.  Fun times.

The rose for this post is the opposite of my experience over the last few months.  Meet the Queen of Hearts, another offering from Alistair Clark.

Queen of Hearts, bred by Clark.  Photo by Grant Brodie.

Queen of Hearts, bred by Clark. Photo by Grant Brodie.

i had a massive Queen of Hearts moment recently, when I fell in love with Hobart all over again. Contemplating the life expectancy statistics of diabetics made me decide that I was going to stop pussy footing around and go after what it is that I want.  I went there on holidays, but also partly to try and find a house so that I could follow a twenty year old dream and move there.  I found the perfect house.

Turns out I couldn’t afford to live there.  Unless a job materialises, the Tasmania dream now seems firmly out of reach.  As the Tasmanian government is also happily slicing jobs, the prospect of moving somewhere I don’t know a soul and wouldn’t have a spare cent to my name should something go wrong spelled the end of the romance.

i won’t pretend that I haven’t felt crushed all week.  I’ve dragging myself around like a Neanderthal and probably doing a fair amount of grunting.  I’ve also been doing a lot second guessing too.  Maybe I’m not committed enough, bold enough.  Or maybe I’m missing something.  Maybe I’m barking up the wrong urban tree.  It’s torturous.

So, back to being confused and miserable, and facing impending unemployment at the end of June.

Who knows what will happen next?  The only good thing I can think off about impending unemployment is that I will have all the time in the world to write.  Thank God for silver linings.  That was easy to spot.  Not all of them are.