Healing and scent


Perhaps partly due to that blustery weather I referred to in my last post, I am now home in bed sick. No one really likes being sick, but it is one of the few spaces in our ridiculously over paced culture that allows us to stop. And, if you are lucky enough to have supportive living arrangements, to stop absolutely.

There’s only one rose I know that speaks to illness. It’s called Aspirin, but I have never seen it so do t feel like I can comment on it. If you’re interested, you can follow this link for a description and photo. http://www.helpmefind.com/rose/plants.php?searchNmTyp=5&searchNm=Aspirin&rid=3667&sbSearch=SEARCH&tab=1
If anyone knows of other roses that speak to the theme of illness, I’d love to know. But more than any individual rose, there’s a saying which that we all use that speaks to this. My sister used it yesterday. She advised me to take the time to smell the roses. I’ve taken her advice to heart, although I’m settling for rose oil, with a few drops of neroli and lavender as well.

Scent can be calming and relaxing, two physiological states that are well known to support healing. Our sense of smell evolved early, as a useful survival tool. While I’m not currently under threat in the way that my palaeolithic ancestors were, I am ill and my body is under threat. Combine simply fighting off a bug with the perils of diabetes, and now I feel more under threat. (Unfortunately, with diabetes, the flu is more complicated). I feel besieged by my own body as well as by the bug. Using the power of scented roses to help me reduce my fear can only be a good thing.

Time feels like an enemy at the moment. I’ve just had a birthday (complete with cake/diabetes related crisis), I’m under pressure with two jobs and one of those jobs is about time itself. I can’t get away from it. Sickness is the only time I get to genuinely stop. I retreat to bed with the cat and cups of tea. I’ve been busy my whole life and I don’t feel like I’ve got a lot to show for it. At least, not anything that worth the price.

There’s something really wrong with that. It perhaps explains one of the reasons why I love roses and rose gardens so much. They flip us out of our busyness. They give us time and space just to be.

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