Roses for rudeness


I’ve been the recipient of a fair amount of rudeness this week, entirely from men, culminating in a blunt rejection from a photographer I’d approached for a copyright request.  I was seeking to use an image of his of a rose called Dance of Joy, which is not a well known rose.  I’ve certainly never seen it in Australia.  As an aside, if you have a photo of Dance of Joy that you would be happy to let me use, please let me know.  Because, I’m certainly not going to link to his site now!

I’m not disputing this photographer’s response. He is the copyright owner and its his right to say no.  Having been plagiarised myself, I am quite sensitive to the issue.  But I am deeply dismayed by the manner of his refusal.

Even though this blog is mostly about roses, I have subtitled it ‘blogging for a kinder, gentler and more creative world’.  These are qualities which I believe the world needs more of.  They contribute so much to the quality of daily life, as I have discovered this week when reeling.  If we were to apply a willingness to be kind to bigger matters, can you imagine what a transformative effect that would have?

It starts in the smallest of interactions.  Like starting an email to a stranger on the other side of the globe with an actual greeting!  Dear…Like thanking someone for their interest in your work before going onto say no.  Possibly even giving a reason.

Simple, simple stuff.

It might have taken that photographer all of an extra minute to write his response, and it would have made a difference to me, after a week of being dissed, belittled and insulted. You wouldn’t think you’d have to be so explicit about it, but like I said, this week’s rudeness quota reminds me all over again.  Kindness MATTERS.

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