Triple happiness

art, dance, Melbourne

I’m surprised to find that it’s been nearly a month since I had my shelf elf revelation.  That continues to have both positive and negative reverberations, although I am sure that the negative, while uncomfortable right now, will bear blossoms in the long run.

I am loathing my new job, which is very intense and high pressure.  I’ve gone backward, as in return to a place where I was.  Nothing has changed in the three years since I left this employer, and it is as…I’m searching  for the right adjective.  Unpleasant is too bland and corporate.  Unhealthy is accurate but again not expressive enough.  You get the idea though. The only thing this job is good for is my bank balance.

Enough whinging.  Let me tell you instead about my wonderful trip to Melbourne.  Back in the summer my friend Lisa and I arranged to meet in Melbourne so we could see the Australian Ballet’s new production of Sleeping Beauty. For unfathomable reasons, classical ballet, well any type of dance really, makes Lisa and I deliriously happy.  We were not disappointed.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful production.  The costumes were exquisite couture in their own right.

Also on in Melbourne were two travelling exhibitions, artworks from the Hermitage in Russia and the David Bowie exhibit from the V&A.  Plus there was the general show that is Melbourne, crammed with its made over lane ways.  Lisa and I slurped up movement, music, colour, sensation as we walked from one end of Melbourne to the other.

A divine friend. A great location. Time spent doing what we love. Triple happiness.  There should be more of it.

The shelf elf


I have been visited by the shelf elf.  Friends who visit and see the preponderance of books flowing down onto the floor from my shelves, unable to fit in, must think this is a normal thing.  You could forgive them for thinking that my compulsive book buying is due to otherworldly influences, but it isn’t. That’s just me.

So the shelf elf is the term that I use to note that marvellous moment of synchronicity, when the RIGHT book comes to you at the RIGHT time.  After one of these moments, I can more easily accept the proposition of a meaningful and connected universe.

Sometimes it’s the entire book that changes your world, as it was when I first read Jack Kornfield’s A Path With Heart.  This one will be for the clarity of insight that came with one line.

Wanna know what it was?

“What are you looking forward to today?”

I feel embarrassed by this in a sense, but how utterly simple and straightforward this is.  I feel embarrassed by being tripped up again by my relentless negativity.  On the other hand, its a brilliant piece of shelf elf magic.  Pithy, incredibly accurate, easy to implement, and helpful.

Thank you!