Creativity and adversity

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I haven’t been writing that much because I have been making things.  I haven’t attempted any creative writing since my  crash and burn out of Nano last year.  For the uninitiated, Nano is short for National Novel Writing Month where one rashly attempts to get a first draft of a novel (or 50 000 words) in 30 days.  It wasn’t a massive crash and burn, as I got to 30 000 words but enough to have a raging case of writer’s block.

But creativity comes in all forms, and currently its all to do with textiles and yarns.  I’ve draped my first skirt, and when the sewing machine comes back from the repair shop, I’ll stitch it together. I made two skirts over Christmas, and I’ e been stash busting the yarn pile, having made two scarfs and one shawlette.  And I’ve taken up embroidery, which I am loving.

I’d add photos but WordPress is being a bastard.  Again.

A small adversity.  Much easier to deal with than last night’s news, of another family member waiting to find out if its cancer.  Life is short people.  Don’t fritter it away.



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