A few of the photos I wanted to upload from the other day.  I thought that I would try from technology other than my ipad.  And hey guess what?  It worked!!


From left are my first three goes at embroidery.  The butterfly I traced, the next is freeform, and the third image was from a printed sampler.

The fourth image is my first go at draping a skirt without a pattern.  I have a sewing machine back and started to sew it but was interrupted by the Iron Paw, my very elderly but nevertheless very determined to have her way feline companion.

raven and the sewing machine

The skirt is essentially a rectangle, because I wanted to play with making something with less fabric waste.  I’ve cut the rectangle into two uneven pieces, which gives the two lines of folding off the centre front, and darting in the fullness of the waist.  It’s worked so far given that there is not terribly much difference between waist and my hips anymore.  We will have to see what it looks like when I get to the point of trying it on.

Finally a few crochet stash busting projects.


A little shawl I made using some leftover baby wool.  The pattern came from the Crochet One Skein Wonders book.


The darker one is with two balls of undyed alpaca/wool blend, while the other was a more vintage baby wool in very pale apricot.

My other textile experimentation has been with natural dyes.  They were, I have to admit, a glorious failure, but I loved the process of it.

pink cabbage dye

This dye was made from red cabbage, which yielded this rather nice pink.  With the addition of an acid or alkali, ie lemon juice and bicarb soda, you get purple and green.  Or is it green and purple respectively?  It probably doesn’t matter as they all turned out to fade within a few days, so red cabbage remains as an essential ingredient in coleslaw and not much else for me.

I want to be playing in this space much much more, so I am going to have to be inventive about carving out time.  My not so new job, while better than the last job, is still pretty draining.  I spent today reading transcripts of the evidence from a Royal Commission, and I start teaching again to third year uni students this week and that takes plenty of time and attention as well.  All suggestions welcome on making space for creativity!


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