Here I am at the tail end of winter and early spring,which is possibly the hardest time of year in which to practice seasonality of bloom.  While I’d never choose to get married in August, my recent walks convince me that it would be possible to have a small and intimate wedding using only local blooms.

Canberra is clothed in the gold of acacia right now, and the ornamental plums and cherries are also coming out.  I love the contrast of the yellow with that pink.  I’ve echoed both colours with the pink tinged buds of Viburnum tinus and Papaver naudicale.    Both are from my garden.  Gumnuts and a contrast of blue flowering rosemary completes the idea.  A generous use of foliage would create a wonderful bouquet.

Genuine seasonality seems possible in all seasons.  But it probably requires us to be satisfied with small delicate arrangements rather than the giant arrangements we see in wedding magazines.  Bounty comes later with warmer weather.

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